Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bunny Buns (Orange Rolls) c/o Jill T.

1 pkg. yeast
¼ cup warm water

1 cup scalded milk
1/3 cup sugar
½ cup shortening
1 tsp. salt

5 ½ cups flour

2 eggs beaten

¼ cup orange juice
2 Tbs. grated orange peel

In a little bowl pour yeast into warm water. Meanwhile, blend scalded milk, sugar, shortening, salt. Cool till warm. Stir in about 2 cups flour. Beat well. Mix in eggs and stir in softened yeast. Add orange juice, orange peel, and remaining flour to make a SOFT dough. Let stand 10 minutes. Knead dough 5-10 minutes on lightly floured surface till smooth and elastic. Place in lightly greased bowl, turning once to grease surface. Cover, let rise in warm place till doubled in size (about 2 hours). Roll out into rectangle and grease with butter. Roll up and cut like cinnamon rolls.
Let rise again and cook at 350 until they are golden brown (10-15 min). Cook a little longer then you might first think because they then to be a bit doughy.

All the juice from the orange that you used the peel from. I put the orange in a plastic bag and let the kids squish it up and then I drain the juice off. I mix the juice with cream cheese (4 oz) and powder sugar until I reach a consistency that looks right!

**If you're too lazy to scald your milk here is what i do.... mix the milk, shortening, salt and sugar in a pyrex and nuke for 2 mins (shortening does NOT need to melt and the mixture will be warm enough to make bread but not too hot to kill your yeast) i pour this mixture directly into my kitchen aid with the 2 cups flour, with the dough hook and finish it in there, much easier than kneading by hand!

**also, i'm too lazy to use an orange so i just use orange juice from the freezer and dried orange flakes for the peel... turned out wonderful!

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