Friday, October 3, 2008

Black Bean and Corn Salsa

*****I have received NUMEROUS questions about this recipe questioning it's safety*****

I'm not a professional "canner" but here is my outlook. I've been canning this several times a year for the past 5 years. That being said, it usually doesn't last more than a few months in my cupboard. Beginning 2 years ago, I too thought it would be safer to pressure can this, so I have been. I believe it's safer this way. If you don't pressure can, I would recommend processing longer like 75-90 minutes depending on elevation. (I used to waterbath/steam for 25 minutes at 4500 ft elevation) however, longer cook time will overcook the tomatoes and make it not as yummy. That being said, I've never had problems with myself or kids getting sick. So I say, use the recipe, can it how you feel safe! If you do decide to use a pressure canner, I process for 15 min. I got the recipe years ago on another website and re-posted to add the changes that I made. Best of luck!!!

8 cups tomatoes, peeled, chopped and drained
2 1/2 cups
onions, chopped (I use sweet onions)
1 1/2 cups
green peppers
1 cup jalapeno pepper, chopped
cubanelle pepper, chopped
garlic cloves, minced
1 teaspoon
1 teaspoon
black pepper
1/8 cup
canning salt (if you dont have canning salt, you can use sea salt)
1/3 cup
1 (15 ounce)
tomato sauce
1 (12 ounce)
tomato paste
1 (15 ounce)
black beans, drained and rinsed
2 cups frozen corn
or canned or fresh

mix in a big pot and heat it up because you want to pack the salsa in jars while it's hot. i bring to a boil (if you can call it that) for about 5+ minutes.

eat fresh or pressure can for 75-90 minutes. (original recipe says, "can in prepared hot jars and process via water bath or steam for 10 mins, 5 additional minutes for every 1000 ft above sea level.")

i add 2 T of lemon juice and 2 T of sugar to mine... but this is totally optional. i also throw in what i have as far as pepper go. i put in a total 6 cups combined onions, peppers and jalapenos, green chilies, etc. i also put in twice the amount of corn and black beans... the first i time i put in what the recipe says and the salsa was yummy but all agreed that it needed more corn and beans.... happy canning!

makes 4-5 quarts or 7-9 pints (depends on how much corn, beans and peppers you use)